Epub was a chosen medium because of its availability in 51 countries through iTunes. The Six Lives Epub was listed under the categories of pets and cats to draw participants interested in cats.

The epub has a fixed-layout design as opposed to a fluid-layout, meaning each page is stationary. With a fluid-layout, copy flows from page to page, shifting according to size of device. With fixed-layout, design of each page is tightly controlled and necessary for Six Lives’ full page images and minimal text.

To create the fixed-layout epub, third party software called ePubCrawler was used to export the individual xhtml pages from Adobe InDesign that were needed for each page of the fixed-layout design. Dreamweaver was then used to edit the xhtml pages, adding interactive page turns, links and animation.

Once complete, the epub was submitted to the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Validator. After receiving an extensive list of violations, the epub was revised repeatedly until it was successfully validated. With an iTunes account, iTunes Producer software and additional support images prepared, the epub and supporting documentation was submitted to the Apple iBook Store for approval. Six Lives is free to download on iTunes. Six Lives is free to download on iTunes.