This process of drawing the illustrations included collecting images of cats, creating preliminary sketches, and refining them. Illustrations were revised several times to develop a consistent style. Final illustrations were drawn on hand-made paper with charcoal where the texture and irregularity of the paper can be seen in the final images.

Adding color to the illustrations was an afterthought, so the process was as follows. Since the illustration paper could not tolerate watercolor, watercolor paper was laid adjacent to the illustration and color filling of the illustration was roughly estimated. Watercolor fillings were scanned, layered and retouched in Adobe Photoshop as needed to fit the illustrations. Illustrations were saved as pngs to retain transparent backgrounds and reveal watercolor backgrounds. Click here to watch a drawing video.


A hand-drawn font was created with a cat-like, furry effect. Letters from a-z in lower case, and those capitals that were needed to start each sentence were drawn on one page of paper, scanned in and saved as a png file for it’s transparent background capabilities. The png file was then imported into an image box in Adobe InDesign with one letter showing, and the image box was pasted into a text box. The letter box was duplicated for each letter and png image moved to reveal each letter. This created a full set of lettering which could be manipulated as movable type. Although it was somewhat tedious to create the type this way, the hand-drawn look was maintained.

Final Images

To create background images, multiple frames, corners and edges were painted with watercolor and then layered in Photoshop for depth and texture. Seven color backgrounds were created with various hues but similar saturation and value for consistency. Visible watercolor paper texture was desired.

Final illustrations, backgrounds and text were merged in Adobe InDesign. These elements were imported into InDesign separately to maintain flexibility needed to work in multiple media and various size formats.

The whimsical type and illustrations, colorful backgrounds and writing of the narrative were intended to appeal to a broad audience including any age, sex and aptitude.