Over the past 3 years, I have explored multimedia. My love for all forms, especially animation and illustration, has inspired this Master of Fine Arts (MFA) presentation.


When I was young, my cats were involved in what seemed like an unusual number of catastrophes. Over the years I wondered if they were just accidents, or did each cat’s curiosity and sense of adventure put it in danger? My journal of their misfortunes, made of hand-made paper, illustrations and personal, true-life cat stories was sitting on my table, connecting with a handful of people that happened to pass by. Using my skills as a graphic designer, could I connect with a global audience for answers? Had others experienced the same with their cats?

This idea of reaching globally led to the following question: How can a graphic designer effectively utilize multimedia to enable a global audience’s ability to share similar experiences? This graphic design research project explores multimedia and its potential to reach a global audience by creating a media campaign composed of print, web, social media and epub (electronic publication) and then analyzing the results of the media campaign to see how effectively the different media work. Analysis of data revealed that each medium has definitive strengths. Using these findings, future projects can now be designed more effectively.


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Results of research
If you like charts and diagrams, review the results of my research by selecting menu items on the upper left: print, web, social media, epub and global audience.

If you are more interested in how everything was made, select methodology. The menu on the right will guide you though animation, data collection, illustration and print to see how the elements of this multimedia research project were created.