Print materials were created in the form of traveling books, posters, postcards and three handmade books.

Handmade Book

Initially, three hand made books were made. Paper was handmade from recycled, 100% cotton fabric with cat hair incorporated into the paper. Images were printed with an Epson 1280 and pages were bound by hand.

Hardcover Books

Six printed traveling books were commercially printed for their durability and mailed to six continents in April 2013. Each book has instructions to log it’s location and forward the book onto a new reader. View the map which tracks the books locations.


24 posters (Figure 3) were installed on the UW-Madison campus promoting the website, randomly inviting participants. They were posted in December, 2013 and some remain up.


2000 postcards (Figure 4) were delivered around the world in December, 2013, directing viewers to the website. Addresses were solicited from friends and family. Some friends, family and students were give a number of cards to disperse. Those who liked cats were targeted.